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Hotels in Sham Shui Po

There are many small hotels in Sham Shui Po, and while not offering luxury they do provide great places to stay for modest budgets. And if they are not suitable for your vacation then there are plenty of hotels nearby and also in other parts of Hong Kong which offers more options.

Ovolo Hotel - Probably the best hotel in the area and one of very few in Hong Kong offering self catering family suites the Ovolo is on the western edge of the district.

Hotel 36 - Located on Boundary Street just south of the end of Apliu Street where the fabric shops are located this small budget hotel provides a good place to sleep when not shopping! Cheap wifi and very compact facilities allow the hotel to offer reasonable rates despite being in the middle of the crowded city.

Kong Lai Commercial Hotel - Situated on Nanchang Street this budget hotel has clean and recently renovated rooms in a good location with close connections to shopping, dining and of course public transport. While the rooms are small they are clean and better than many other choices in Hong Kong.

Tin Tong Backpackers -  Situated on the top floor of an building on Apliu Street this mini-hostel is specifically designed for Backpakers, there are no rooms only bunk beds, but both the location and the layout ensure a great experience to be shared with friends new and old and it is a great way to experience the true local flavour of Sham Shui Po.

Also check out the hotels which are nearby but not actually in Sham Shui Po.



Populated for at least 2000 years according to archeological evidence the history of Sham Shui Po is long and deep but poorly documented. Having been a poor area for much of the 20th century little attention was given to it but now that has become developed and busy, though still not as prosperous as some other parts of Hong Kong, people have begun to seek it's history.

Originally a coastal settlement before reclamation brought it inland it was close to the important peninsular of Tak Kok Tsui with it's Cosmopolitan Dock, now since long gone of course. The last of the connection with the sea disappeared in the 1970s when the Nam Cheong Street nullah, or concrete stream, was covered over and today all that remains of it is the wide street which now runs past the open green park.

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