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Nearby Attractions

Situated as it is in the heart of Kowloon it is not unexpected that Sham Shui Po is surrounded by many interesting attractions, many just a few minutes walking distance away. Check out some of these interesting sights.

Lui Seng Chun - Mongkok just to the south of Boundary Street this historic building was constructed in the 1930s as a tong laus, or shophouses, and today is the finest example to be seen anywhere in Asia.

Maryknoll Convent School - One of the most highly regarded girls schools in Hong Kong this Catholic institution is housed in a historic building constructed in 1925 it still operates as a school today.

Festival Walk - One of Hong Kong's largest and most developed indoor shopping malls this one is located at Kowloon Tong and is on above the MTR station of the same name. Find all the large brands you would expect in the city here as well as

Shek Kip Mei Park - From looking at this wonderful park with ponds and open spaces it would be impossible to guess that the area was once known for dangerous squatter huts, that helped to house the mass of refugees that where sheltered by Hong Kong in the 1950s and 1960s as they escaped repressive regimes. Those people have all since been housed in government provided apartments and now the open spaces have become public facilities to be enjoyed by all.

SCAD Hong Kong - Located in a historic Kowloon colonial government building this branch of the American Art school hosts regular tours of the facilities that allow the visitor to not only appreciate the abilities of their able local and international students of art but also the conversion that have been done to this building to respect and reflect on its history.

Crows Nest - One of the 8 hills for which Kowloon is named this small hill is only 194 meters high but offers grand views over the area. Accessible via the Crow's Nest Nature Trail, or MacLehose Trail Section 5 it is a surprising piece of rural hiking, within a few minutes of the busy city.

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Populated for at least 2000 years according to archeological evidence the history of Sham Shui Po is long and deep but poorly documented. Having been a poor area for much of the 20th century little attention was given to it but now that has become developed and busy, though still not as prosperous as some other parts of Hong Kong, people have begun to seek it's history.

Originally a coastal settlement before reclamation brought it inland it was close to the important peninsular of Tak Kok Tsui with it's Cosmopolitan Dock, now since long gone of course. The last of the connection with the sea disappeared in the 1970s when the Nam Cheong Street nullah, or concrete stream, was covered over and today all that remains of it is the wide street which now runs past the open green park.

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